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Please check with any of our Mare Stare Family members if you are considering having a cam online. Experience speaks volumes.

For several years, we foaled out our mares the old fashion way: sleepless nights in the barn, alone, with my husband wandering if I had lost my mind to sleep in the barn when it was 40 degrees or colder.  Finally, I got up the nerve to tackle the technology and electronics of setting up cameras so I could finally sleep in the house.  Our first 2 years with Mare Stare were fun but non-dramatic.  You can't ask for better technical service or more eyes on a expectant mother! And it proved to me, you really can't do it alone. 
 -- Carin Ponder, Pondering Oaks Stables


Starting January 17th, 2020, Mare Stare will cease broadcsting camera streams.

Maybe Baby will remain as a separate service for those in need of foal testing strips.

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We're so glad that you stopped by to view our site and our cameras.

This site was created to provide you with a window into the magical and exciting world of equine birth. We hope you will find our site to be not only exciting, but informative and educational.

What is Mare Stare?

Mare Stare is a family — a community of cam owners and viewers who help each other share the miracle of birth. The camera owners graciously put their foaling barns on line for the world to see. In exchange, they
get the watchful eyes of viewers from all over the world, who will call them as soon as their mare goes into labor.

As a reward for their vigilance, the viewers get to see the birth live. Then, they get to watch the foal stand for the first time, take the first drink of life-giving milk from its mother, and run, play, and grow stronger day by day, as many owners share the progress and development of their foals with our community.

First moments

It's a family relationship that breeds friendship, trust and love among people from all over the world, even though they may have never met in person.

Why Do You Need a Camera?

Even if you don't breed horses or other animals, there are many advantages to having a live barn camera.

Every camera owner has the same privileges of participation — free use of our exclusive Barn Alarm alert system, our chat room and message boards, free Follow MareStare on Twitter Twitter updates on their cam pages, date and time on each cam page, and we offer custom built web pages for your cam. We strive to please you!

Please visit our message board for updates.

We hope you enjoy your experience here.

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