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Mare Stare Downloads

Technical Support

Mare Stare Technical Support Calling Card

Download, install, and run this application to get in touch with a Mare Stare Technical Support Represenative. Does not work with Mac computers

Flash Downloads

Flash Encoder V.3.2 (Windows)

Required to stream your cam with Flash. For Windows 7, Vista and XP 32 bit and 64 bit only.

Flash Encoder V.3.2 (Mac)

Use this to stream your camera using your Mac. Requires a Mac-compatible webcam or capture device.

Older Versions

Hopefully all the previous issues have been resolved and these older versions won't be needed any more. But they're here for now just in case.

Flash Encoder V.3.1 (Windows)

Flash Encoder V.2.5 (Windows)

Flash Encoder V.3.1 (Mac)


Silverlight Downloads

Expression Encoder 4 for Windows

Windows Media Encoder is no longer available and has been replaced with the above program.

Unreal Media Downloads

Version 6.1 of the Standalone Streaming Media Player for Unreal Media Cams. Install this if you can't get the plug in to automatically install, or if you want to watch cams on the standalone player from this list


Version 4 of the above player. Install this if you have Windows 98. (You cannot have both versions installed, but if for some reason you CAN'T use version 5, our software will detect this and call the plug in for this version.)


This is the plugin for FireFox Version 3. It's a standalone executable, so download it first, then run the program to install it on Vista and XP.

NOTE: ONLY version 3.0.6 (and probably later) will display the cams, regardless of whether this plug in is installed or not. Make sure you UPDATE your version of FireFox in addition to installing this plug in.

This is the live server program for cam owners. Download this file to your computer, and completely extract it (unzip it) to your desktop or other location before running it. DON'T run it from within the ZIP file, or you will have problems later.


Monitor LAN and Internet Network video cameras with Windows Media Player, or encode live video with live encoder app. This filter works with any IP Camera or device that supports capturing still JPEG images. It does not support audio.


This is a DirectShow audio / video capture source filter allowing capturing audio / video over RTSP protocol from RTSP software and hardware servers and IP cameras. This filter receives and outputs H.264 / MPEG4 video and AAC / G.711 audio with no transcoding or decoding. The filter needs to be initialized with RTSP URL via IFileSourceFilter COM interface or via Property page. Use this filter in your own applications or in Unreal Live Server for transcoding MPEG4, G.711 content from legacy IP Cameras to H.264, AAC content for delivery to Flash / HLS viewers.

Miscellaneous Downloads


This program will allow you to preview your cam when off line.

NOTE: You cannot use this program at the same time you are streaming your cam. Only one software program at a time can use the capture device.

Webcam XP Free - wxpfree580.exe

This program is required to detect ip cameras using Flash Media Live Encoder.

These are the Windows 7 drivers for the EzCAP video capture device, packaged in a ZIP format. The manufacturer supplies these drivers in a .rar file, which many cannot open.

Drivers for the OLD (black) Dazzle DVC-80. This Dazzle does not work on Vista. It also will not stream larger screen sizes such as 640x480, such as you might use with a quad processor.


Windows Media 9 Codecs. If you have tried everything and you cannot see the cams or get a black screen, give this package a try.

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