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Foaling and Pregnancy Information

The information contained herein is based on data we have compiled from other sites and from books and articles based on labor and pregnancy in the miniature horse and in the full size horse.

Please remember that all horses are different and each pregnancy is unique and should be treated as such.

Foaling Articles & Information

Mini Horse World

Horse Breeding
Wikipedia on Horse Breeding
Pasture Breeding
Hand Breeding vs Artificial Insemination
Early Ultrasounding
Facts and Articles concerning Equine Reproduction

The In-foal Mare


The Mare in foal
Proper Nutrition
Managing your Pregnant Mare
Preparing a foaling kit
Ready to foal
Foaling Emergencies
Breeding Calculators
Caring for the Mare & Foal
Newborn Foal Timeline
Foaling Mare & Newborn Foal
Weaning your foal
Nutrition during weaning
Foal/Mare Diseases Lethal white foal
Lethal White
Septicemia in the foal
Lavender Foal Syndrome
Horse Breeds
Breed Index
Useful links miniature horse
Hyperlipemia in Miniature Horses
Hyperlipidemia in horses
Horse Color Genetics
Color Calculators

Horse/Human Age Equivalency Chart

Horse Human Horse Human
01 year 6.5 years 17 years 53.0 years
02 years 13 years 20 years 60.5 years
03 years 18 years 24 years 70.5 years
04 years 20.5 years 27 years 78.0 years
05 years 24.5 years 30 years 85.5 years
07 years 28 years 33 years 93.0 years
10 years 35.5 years 36 years 100.5 years
13 years 43.5 years    


The information contained on this page and on the other pages referenced here is provided for informational purposes only, and is not meant as a substitute for the advice of your vet. Mare Stare, LLC. cannot be held liable for the information provided herein, nor are we responsible for any errors or omissions. However, if you find any, we would appreciate knowing!

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