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xx Special Announcement - Live Streaming Event

July 10, 2016, 01:38:06 PM by kaybogercain

This coming Saturday, July 16, Fox Haven...
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exclamation A Gentle Reminder to all and a world of thanks to our Moderators!

March 30, 2016, 01:44:51 AM by Heather
I want to take a few moments to remind everyone of the core values of Mare Stare and, basically, why the service...
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xx Maybe Baby by Mare Stare, LLC Website

August 18, 2015, 09:05:46 AM by mssupport
Visit our new Maybe Baby by Mare Stare website.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a distributor in...
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Our Mare Stare Family...


We have had so many wonderful comments about our services and the lives we have saved that it's truly overwhelming. If you'd like to share your comments about our services, please contact us by clicking on the Contact link below.

Since we started with MS back about 5 years ago we have not missed a foaling of a mare on cam....thanks to you all who watch during the night for us Our thanks to you all!

   -- Dan and Shelley, Trio Quarter Horses.

Hi Heather, I would just like to thank you and you team for having MS, my mare showed no signs of foaling out Sat evening and thanks to 2 ladies who called me and told me to get out to the barn. I did phone them both the following day thanking them personally for the phone calls. I would also like to thank who ever did the video but don’t know who it was.

   -- Cherie, Pint Size Miniatures

Darkside Miniatures has forgotten what Life is like without Mare Stare!  We use it for so many purposes;
not just when a mare is ready to foal.  We use Mare Stare to help us sell horses by showing potential buyers what the horse looks like on live camera, and how the horse moves in real time!  We use Mare Stare to keep an eye on sick and injured horses, horses that are recovering from surgery, and of course mares in foal, both when we are at home and when we are away from home from our laptop computer.  We also use Mare Stare to "show off" horses we've bought from others so the seller can see how the horse has matured.  We also use for it our human "family" purposes:  for we humans to wave hello on camera to friends and family everywhere.

We know people who keep their Mare Stare subscription active only for those periods of time when they have mares ready to foal.  But the cost of keeping Mare Stare service active all the time is so reasonable, considering the benefits that it offers, it doesn't make sense to ever turn it off! 

   -- Lynne Francis, Darkside Miniatures (private cam)

For several years, we foaled out our mares the old fashion way: sleepless nights in the barn, alone, with my husband wandering if I had lost my mind to sleep in the barn when it was 40 degrees or colder.  Finally, I got up the nerve to tackle the technology and electronics of setting up cameras so I could finally sleep in the house.  Our first 2 years with Mare Stare were fun but non-dramatic.  You can't ask for better technical service or more eyes on a expectant mother! And it proved to me, you really can't do it alone.  And then in 2011 we would have lost 2 out of 3 of our foals if it hadn't been for the Aunties and Uncles at Mare Stare! The first mare suffered an elbow dystocia that was quickly resolved because I was there to assist her.  The combination of my close watch at home, others watching abroad, and the notes taken on the message board lead me to stick around the house that evening and stay up a little while longer.  Had I not been there I would have had a mare with severe reproductive trauma and lost a foal. 

The second mare wasn't showing great signs but looked like she could go soon.  I was so exhausted, I closed my eyes for a minute.  Sure enough she went into labor and it took several calls to wake me.  I got into the barn just in time to rip the sac off the foals head.  Had someone else not been watching and not called me, that foal would have suffocated.  And I would have lost our 2x Classic Stallion Weanling Champion and would have never had the opportunity to celebrate those awesome wins 2 months later.

    So thank you, Heather, Rich, and all the Aunties and Uncles who watch at Mare Stare! We will NEVER
  foal another mare out without your assistance.  You just can't place value on a service that saves lives
  and sleep!

   -- Carin Ponder, Pondering Oaks Stables

I wanted to let you know that we found Mare Stare to be a TOTALLY AWESOME experience, and the other members are wonderful and caring people! This was our first at home, and we were able to assist with our new fillies birth because of all the great people on Mare Stare! She is healthy and doing great.  I have not only recommended this service to a few friends with pregnant mares, but told them it's a MUST HAVE!  

Thanks again!

--   :-) Janean Huston, Huston Ranch

"Mare Stare saved the life of my mini mare. Although I had a Foal Alert inserted, the baby was so big, the mare could not deliver it and therefore the alarm never sounded. My mare was in acute distress, but the "angels" at Mare Stare who called calmly walked this hysterical horse-mom through the process of manual delivery. Although the foal did not make it, the mare is healthy and happy. The Vet said that if no one had called I would have awakened the next day to a dead mare. There are no words to adequately describe my gratitude for this remarkable service.

I emailed the cam link to my family and friends who in turn alerted their family and friends until there was a huge network of people who were "addicted" (their word) to watching Corrie on a daily basis. The birth of this foal became a personal matter to them all. In addition the Mare Stare family on the message board was equally interested and supportive.

I will breed a different mare this Spring and look forward to a successful foaling next year with the help of Mare Stare. No one should go through foaling season without it. Thank you, Heather, for providing a superior service and outstanding customer service!

-- Joan Heiser, Thistledown Farm

"The value of having a cam online is priceless. I have had viewers call when a horse was ill or cast, when a mare was foaling, and most recently, when one of our puppies strayed out of bed and under a blanket. Had someone not been watching, I may have arrived home, 4 hours later, to find a really bad outcome. Instead, I left work and rescued the puppy from under the blanket.

"To have those extra eyes watching allows me sleep during foaling times and gives more comfort and piece of mind that I can express. The cams are a God Send!"

--Dar Strohbehn, Strohbehn Quarter Horses

"We greatly appreciate the friendly and reliable service that we receive through Mare Stare. Having our online live streaming camera through their service allows us to monitor our soon-to-foal mares even when we are away from home. It also allows the rest of the world to experience the miracle of birth happening at Woodstock Paint Horses."

--Tina Woods, Woodstock Paint Horses

"Heather, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate because the people that called were really helpful in saving Baby Belle. I can't tell you thank you enough for having this site."

--Marion Hedrick , Wee Little Mini's Miniature Horses

"I have been raising foals for years and until I joined Mare Stare I have never been relaxed during foaling season before now. Your service is second to none. You have a great team of clients and I would not move my cameras if they paid me.

Thanks for such a great service."

--Rick Simonetti, Friesians 4 USA

Thank you for joining us in the stables!


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